Dr. A.P. Rosche III, MD FIPP

Pain Management Specialist

Fellow of Interventional Pain Practice, FIPP

American Board of Pain Medicine, DABPM

American Board of Anesthesiology, DABA

Put your trust in Dr. Rosche, a board-certified anesthesiologist and certified by the American Board of Pain Medicine. You’ll work directly with Dr. Rosche to create a treatment plan that addresses your needs and concerns. As a Fellow of Interventional Pain Practice, he was trained by the very best.

We are unlike any other pain practice in this area. We are small, comfortable, personal and close to home.

At Advanced Pain Intervention, we use the most advanced pain management techniques. 100% of our procedures are done under fluoroscopic guidance. We also use the smallest gauge needles possible to minimize discomfort and maximize precision of placement during injection.

Pain We Treat

Lumbar, Thoracic, & Cervical Spine Pain

Shoulder Pain

Elbow Pain

Hand & Wrist Pain

Knee Pain

Hip Pain

Foot & Ankle Pain


Other General Pain

Visits By Appointment Only

Clinic Hours

Monday: 8 AM to 4 PM

Tuesday: 8 AM to 4 PM

Wednesday: 8 AM to 4 PM

Thursday: 8 AM to 4 PM

Friday: Phone Calls Only

Closed Saturday and Sunday


We accept specific plans from the following insurance providers. If you do not see your insurance provider on this list, please give us a call. Unfortunately, we do not accept the Illinois Medical Card, Medicaid, or IPA as a primary insurance. 

*Please call your insurance to ensure we are covered under your specific plan*


Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO


Health Link



Humana PPO

Humana HMO (requires referral)


Medicare Replacement Policies

United Healthcare

Self Pay

If we are not in network for your insurance plan, or it does not cover certain procedures, we do offer discounted self pay rates. 

Initial Consult with Dr. Rosche with Procedure – $600

Established patient visit with Dr. Rosche with No Procedures – $100

Established patient visit with Dr. Rosche with 1 Injection  – $400

Additional Injections – $200 per injection

Radiofrequency Ablation – $600

Supartz/Synvisc Injection – $90

Not In Your Network?

If you would like to directly inquire with your insurance as to whether we are in network or not, we may be listed under one of the following names.

Advanced Pain Intervention

Dr. Alfred Rosche III, M.D.

Please inform your healthcare plan of our Tax ID number: 203516543. Our office location is 534 Roxbury Road, Rockford, IL 61107. This is our only location.

Meet Our Staff

picture of staff member leeetta stump

Leeetta Stump

registered nurse

Picture of staff member, Kayla Thompson

Kayla Thompson

office manager/clinical assistant

picture of staff member Madi at her desk

Madalynn Lipnitzky

administrative assistant

How We Treat Your Pain - A Typical Visit


You will first call us and make an appointment. One of our schedulers will work with you and find an appointment time that works for you. The scheduler will also advise you on what information you will need to bring to your appointment. 


You will walk in the front door of our building and let someone at the front desk know you are here for Dr. Rosche. They may ask you for your insurance information and to fill out some paperwork before your appointment. When a room is available, one of our nurses will bring you back, go over your information with you, and record your vitals.

Meeting With Dr. Rosche

You and Dr. Rosche will discuss you’re medical history and the issues you are currently having. You will decide on a treatment plan together, which may consist of an injective procedure, physical therapy, or medication. After your treatment has been carried out, you may need a follow up visit to address further issues you are having or to evaluate your treatment’s effectiveness. 


If injective care is the selected treament or fluoroscopic evaluation is needed, our nurse will bring you back to our procedure room, prepare you for the procedure, and make sure you are comfortable.  Dr. Rosche will then use our C-arm fluoroscope to provide pinpoint accurate guidance throughout the process. Once he is finished, our nurse will return you to your room to rest momentarily, ask you some parting questions, retake your vitals, then discharge you from the clinic. 


"Dr. Rosche and his staff have been caring for me for several years now and have been nothing but kind and considerate. I have never waited longer than a couple of days to get in for an appointment and everyone is so nice to me they treat me like family. Dr. Rosche was the best choice I made with managing my chronic pain. I would refer friends and family to him."
- Kai
"I was in severe pain in my right lower leg and deep right buttocks for 2 weeks when I was referred to Dr. Rosche. I was on many medications for the pain but it didn't help. Pain was from herniated and bulging discs in my back. He read through my reports after my hospitalization with Sweds. He listened to my husband and myself, asked questions, explained what he could do to help me, said he could take away my pain, asked if I had any questions, and proceeded to give me a spinal block and an epidural. He and his entire staff were so professional and kind to us. What a wonderful clinic. Can't say enough good about them. Thank you so much! Today I have no pain in the areas affected and can stop all the medications. If I ever have a problem like this again, I will definitely return here and recommend them highly to family and friends."
- Karen
"Dr. Rosche has been diligent in helping me with chronic pain issues. His diagnosis is always on target. He goes above and beyond as a physician. The staff are very compassionate. I would not go to anyone else. Highly recommended."
- Eileen

New Patient?

Before Your Appointment!

Please have your primary physician and any other specialists you visit fax us your medical records. We are a fully private practice and are not affiliated with any other practices, and therefore keep our own independent medical records. 

Below is a link to our referral form. While your insurance may not require a referral, having your doctors fill out this form will make forwarding medical records to us easier.


We always recommend to plan for at least 2 hours from start to finish when seeing a specialist. 

Most people feel some pressure but no major pain. We use a very small needle and numb the area prior to injection.

You can resume normal activity after an injection. We would suggest that if an activity causes increased pain then stop. 

Many patients feel immediate relief, but it can take up to 3 to 7 days to fully kick in. You can ice or lightly massage the area if it is sore, but we do NOT recommend using heat. 

This varies from person to person. Some get years, months, weeks or days of relief. We suggest to follow up in 2 weeks if you are not feeling 70-80% relief from the treatment. Also if the injection starts to wear off then call immediately to make another appointment; do not let the pain get severe again.

Medicine has come a long way. Every doctor has different techniques and skill. We also use a fluoroscopy machine to pin-point the exact location and can see the medicine flowing. 

We monitor how many injections and how much steroid we give you in a 6 month period. If we feel you are getting too much then we will put you on a 6 month “steriod hold” to let that medicine diminish. Too much steroid in a small amount of time can weaken the bones.